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SJW want representation ? This is a lost of TV Shows on US TV. On network TV so available to anyone that own a TV, with good representation : Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Scandal, Sleepy Hollow, Modern Family, Elementary, Resurrection, Chicago Fire, and that is only shows I watch. And I didn't take into account cable TV or Netflix, Amazon and the like. Promote this shows, show Head programmers that we love diverse casts and you'll have more and more of that in the years to come.


yeah i’d recommend sleepy hollow. besides the diverse cast aspect, it has an interesting plot.

i thinking about giving ‘how to get away with murder” a try when it comes out too.

~the aspie one

Yeah, it seems interesting, and I am already intrigue with the plot. Red Band Society should be great If I have to believe the promo. (and Octavia Spencer can’t act badly anyway). 

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I saw a post about how when an American show/movie has Arabic characters 90% of the times the plot has to do with terrorism, and while I agree that it's true, you could say the same for characters of various white ethnicities too. Russians? Proably spies. Italians? Mafia. Germans? Nazi. etc.

This is really interesting to study actually. Villains in American movies are very telling of the international climate the US are when the movie was made, and what Americans fears most

After 9/11, Terrorism was, of course, the biggest threat, or at least the biggest perceived threat. And it’s true, almost every action movie had a terrorism plot.

But back in the 80s, it was The Big Bag Russians and East Germans. Cold War was at its worst.

And if you look closely, now that the US and Russia are not-so-friendly anymore, the Bad Russians came back in movies.


I’ve noticed that most of the people I talk to seem to see a completely different person in Robert Downey jr than I. Looking at some of his appearances it is sort of understandable, nevertheless I thought it might be worth a few gifs. Hope you don’t mind.

He is like everyone else, he has more than one “face”, that’s all. And I like both

I think someone is after my job.

I create a google calendar. I put down every little task we have to do, when it has to be done and by whom. Everyone in the office has access to this calendar and were asked to add their own schedule, appointment and the like, and correct things if needed.

And yet, that person is always saying things like ; 

- Boss, when do I have to do that ?

- Hey, Boss, you forgot to do this thing ! (It’s actually for next week, That you would not if you LOOKED UP THE CALENDAR)

- “Boss, you give me that to do, but I have that thing the same day.” “It wasn’t on the calendar” “But I told you two months ago” “We’re are 7 in this office. You really expect me to remember the tight schedule of 7 people just like that, when you tell me things in passing ?” *Look like she wanted to say yes but knew it was the wrong answer*

-What, I have to work this week-end ? But I have this thing at home… (We agreed on a rotation of two people “working” (meaning being at home but available if there’s an emergency) every week-end. We planned it every over months. We asked to exchange our week-end if you ask two week in advance, or, of course, if your sick or has a real emergency;

It was annoying as hell but not that big of an issue. But the worst was last friday.

My boss called me in his office. He told me that he was very surprised to have that kind of complains about me, since He always though I was organized, but a person in my office is complaining for the lack of clear schedule and organization.

I was able to keep my calm, and show him my sweet little calendar, with colors codes for each person. Luckily for me, He agreed that it was easy to read and to access,and that he will talk to “them”. (I know who complains, boss, don’t try to hide it !)

I don’t have the power to fire her. That’s for my boss. I really wish he will do it, now.

Just so you know, it's very inconsiderate of you to post your workout details from that "Fitocracy" site on your Twitter (such as the points you earn for working out). It shames those who don't exercise or are unable to afford or follow a fitness lifestyle. It's great that you are a healthy person with the privilege to do so, but making others feel bad for not working out is a horrible thing to do.






what an interesting perspective, thank you for sharing it

If you can afford a computer with an internet connection you can afford a pair of fucking running shoes 

If you are too fucking lazy to lose weight don’t be a jealous bitter twat to people who aren’t

Yep…and not even running shoes.

I lost all my baby weight taking walks.  Just get off your ass instead of fucking complaining about someone else’s twitter feed. Fuck.

Further to that… if you have a computer, you likely have - or have the means to acquire - a smartphone of some kind too.

If that’s the case, then you should look into getting an app like Runkeeper, JogTracker, Zombies, Run! or The Walk.

The first two are free, and the second two you have to pay for (though they’re not particularly expensive - I believe they’re both about $4 each); however, with Zombies, Run! and The Walk, you’re not just paying for an exercise tracker… you’re paying for an exercise tracker that incorporates a kickass post-apocalyptic story - and, in the case of Zombies, Run!, a neat little SimCity-type minigame where you build up a settlement using the supplies you’ve collected on your runs.

(And I’ve heard rumors that the plots of The Walk and Zombies, Run! might be connected… though I can’t personally confirm whether this is the case.)

I think I might need to get the Zombies one once I get my butt in gear and get back into running.

It’s so cold, I don’t even want to walk around outside!

Other tips for free easy exercices. A friend of mine lost weight just by taking the bus/metro a stop after her usual one. In her city there’s like a 10 minutes walk between stations. 

When using her car, she parks one or two blocks away from her final destination. 

She also use full bottle of water attached together to work-out since weighs are too expensive for her.